You Are Not Your Resume

One of my colleagues, Chris, was laid-off from his job in the hospitality industry about a year ago.  It pretty much crushed his soul.

After a year of finding no openings, and being on the brink of having his condo foreclosed, a friend of his that works at a hotel told Chris about a job opening.  It wasn’t a perfect fit, but he was desperate.

Chris spent almost a week backward engineering his resume to better match the job description since it wasn’t a perfect match.

He got the interview.  Chris was ecstatic.  After the interview, he was hopeful, and it appeared that the old Chris was back.

Two weeks went by.

He didn’t get the job.

His soul was crushed… again.

During my conversation with him, Chris went on and on about how he has no skills.  How he wasn’t hire-able.

Chris was allowing the job market determine his worth. What Chris failed to realize was that he was talented, and that he had skills, regardless of what the job market dictated.

A resume, today, is designed and engineered to fit a specific job description.  Even a C.V no longer reflects the sum total of our skills and talents. A resume and C.V. does not tell you who you are or what your passions are. It just tells you where you’ve worked.

Chris and I sat down, and made a list of all the skills he had, regardless of whether or not they fit any traditional job description or title.  We both quickly discovered that his main strengths matched the same skill sets required to be an event planner.  He in fact had tons of experience in it, but they never made it on his resume because they were never officially tied to any company or job.

That’s when Chris’s face lit up.

Chris is now looking into becoming a freelance event planner.

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