The “Soft No”

Just because a prospect rejects your sales pitch doesn’t mean the sale is over.  Typically, their first “no” is actually a “soft no.”

It’s very reflexive for prospects to flat out reject even a hint of a sales pitch.  Think about all those times you’ve snubbed panhandlers, hitchhikers, and those annoying survey monkeys on the mall.  Well, that’s how most prospects feel about a sales pitch.

As soon as a prospect rejects your offer, continue the conversation.  Find out what it is they are actually looking for.  Perhaps your initial assumptions about their needs were off.  Perhaps the prospect had something particular in mind but couldn’t articulate it.

A “no” just means “no” to the first offer.  It’s a “soft no.”

That first reflexive “no” just means you need to make them a different or better offer.


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