The Restroom Test

I walked into a big box office supply retailer the other day. It was possibly one of the dirtiest restrooms I’ve seen. It looked like a truck stop restroom. I decided to go to the restroom next door at a coffee shop. It was pristine.

The cleanliness of a restroom tells me a lot about how a business is run. The office retailer, for example, had shelves that weren’t messy, and the uniforms that the customer service reps were dirty, as if they hadn’t been washed in weeks. The entire store just felt grimy. I wanted to get out of there fast.

The coffee shop was the exact opposite experience. The baristas were friendly, and they all took pride in their uniforms. All the shelves were neatly stocked, and even the newspapers were nicely stacked rather than scattered. I wanted to just chill in there.

What does your restroom say about your business?

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