Survival Jobs

If you’ve been looking for a job for more than six months, or if you’re a month away from being broke (literally), or both, you might want to take on what is called a “survival” job. Typically, survival jobs were reserved for first time job hunters. In a time of recession, however, unemployed corporate veterans are now competing for the same jobs as graduate student (in some cases, high school students).

A survival job is simply a job that may not fit your life’s purpose, but at least allows you to live. Although I believe that we should all try to only go after the jobs that match our purpose, there are times when we just need to suck in our pride, and think about survival first.

I personally know many people who were laid off more than a year ago, and are still looking for a job. Rather than grabbing a job right away, many of them simply let their unemployment checks run out, holding out for a job that is equal to the job they used to have, either in pay, or in title, or both.

Now that their unemployment checks have run out, they are scrambling for a job. Unfortunately, the job they could have had was given away months ago to someone who sucked in their pride and took the pay cut.

Think of it this way, you cannot fulfill your purpose if you decide to be homeless rather than take a job at a fast food joint.

You can always take a survival job in the short-term, and looking for your “ideal” job can become your “night” job. Although taking on a survival job can be stressful, and possibly even lead to depression, guess what? So can worrying about whether or not you’re going to able to eat tomorrow.

A job is a gift. If you can find a job in your field, great.  If not, take pride in having a job, even if it isn’t the ideal job.

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