A Side Hustle Provides Income Security

If you are completely bored or unhappy with your survival job, a side hustle might be the cure. A side hustle simply means you are making extra income on the side, preferably in a field you really love.

There are three benefits to a side hustle:

1) Extra Income: A side hustle does not always have to be related to your skill set. Sometimes it just means you are making extra income by any means necessary. It can be selling stuff online so you can have extra lunch money, or selling old VCRs for gas money. The point is to make extra money outside of your survival job.

A Side Hustle Provide Income Security

2) Resume Builder: Let’s say you have a data entry job, but your true passion is graphic design, or web programming. You can offer your skills as a freelancer to make extra income. Just make sure it doesn’t go against your non-complete clause in your employment contract. You can then add these jobs onto your resume or portfolio so that you can leave your survival job, and get closer to your ideal job.

3) Start Your Own Business: A side hustle can give you an opportunity to start your own business. Let’s say you are an accountant at a major corporation. Assuming you are a CPA, and assuming you don’t work for an accounting firm, you can freelance your accounting skills to help small businesses with their annual and quarterly taxes. Eventually, you can leave the firm, and start your own accounting company, using your new clients as a base.

No matter what kind of job I had, I always had some kind of side hustle going on. Knowing that job security is always at the mercy of my bosses, I aimed for income security instead. A side hustle always ensured that I was making income.

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