Sell Values and Benefits Rather Than Features

When selling anything, it is a mistake to emphasize only the features that your service or product comes with.

For every feature, you should present the underlying value or benefit to that specific feature for your clients.

For example, let’s say you’re designing a blog site for a client.  You explain to them that their blog will come with the ability to add tags, that it will have share tools, and that the theme will be customized for them.  Those are all features.  Don’t be surprised if your client asks, “So what does that mean?”

Focus on the value or benefits instead.  Explain how how tags could improve search rankings, and allow people to find blog posts that interest them based on topic tags, which means it more people will be attracted to their blog.  Explain how share tools allow people to automatically post their blog posts onto various social media, which means their readers will market their blog for them.  Explain how customization will make their blog stand out from all other other generic blogs.

Before you can tell your clients what the benefits and values are, you have to first know why they are in need of your product or service in the first place.  You can then figure out which features to highlight, and how it will benefit them.

Take a look at your marketing brochures, and your website.  Listen to our own pitch.  Are you selling features, or are you selling benefits?  Which do you think you’re customers are buying?

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