Productivity Tips for Mobilepreneurs From “The Lincoln Lawyer”

Productivity Tips for Mobilepreneurs From "The Lincoln Lawyer"In Michael Connelly’s thriller, “The Lincoln Lawyer,” the main character Mick Haller does most of his business out of a Lincoln Town Car, hence the title. The way Mick Haller conducts business is a great example of how to be a productive mobilepreneur.

Here are the some tips from “The Lincoln Lawyer” on how to be a productive mobilepreneur:

  • Outsource When You Can: Mick Haller outsources two main services. One his is detective, Frank Levin, to do all the grunt investigative work. The other is his virtual assistant, Lorna, who fields his calls, and does his bookkeeping. If you’re a solopreneur or a mobilepreneur, outsourcing is essential to stay productive. Your legal, accounting, marketing, and web work can all be outsourced to other people so that you can focus on your primary business, which is servicing your clients.
  • Be Portable and Nimble: Mick Haller doesn’t carry an iPad, or a Laptop computer. He does, however, carry a briefcase that has all his essential paperwork, and his mobile phone. For a lawyer, paperwork comes with the territory. Mick Haller carries receipt books, and boilerplate paperwork with him. He wants to be able to transact business anywhere, and on the fly. Being mobile also means being nimble, which you can’t do if you’re carrying around two suitcases, or too many gadgets, or if you have to stop at a Kinko’s to print out documents. Try to simplify and keep everything in one place.
  • Maintain Strong Vendor Relations: Mick Haller sends out “Holiday Nuts” (I don’t want to give away what this is) as gifts during Christmas to bail bond offices, courtroom clerks, and court deputies. He does this so that they can sniff out potential clients, or to get an advantage in the courtroom. If you’re constantly mobile, you don’t have a main office, and you may not get to meet your clients regularly. As such, it’s important that you maintain good relationships with your clients and vendors at all times. You never know where you’re next lead might come from. Sending a small gift with a handwritten card can go a long way.
  • Spend Time with Clients, Not Your Desk: As you can imagine, timing is extremely important to a lawyer. If they miss a court date, it could mean trouble for his clients, and possibly a fine for the lawyer. Because his clients are in different cities, and his cases are in different courthouses, time is always against him. This is the main reason why having a main office for him is actually counterproductive. He can get more done by being mobile.

Being a mobilepreneur means you are always on the move. As such, it’s important to manage your time well, and be ready to transact business from anywhere. Regardless of what your opinion may be for lawyers, or for Michael Connelly novels, there is a lot mobilepreneurs can learn from “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

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