Procrastination in Disguise

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity.  Procrastination does not, however, always come in the form of delays or laziness.  Procrastination is cleverer than that.  Sometimes, procrastination will actually disguise itself as of productivity.

We’ve all experienced this form of procrastination.  It usually happens right before a major project.  You sit down at your desk and you prepare yourself for the project ahead.

You start by creating a new folder in your email for your project.  Then you notice how cluttered your inbox looks so you start reorganizing and cleaning out your email.  All of a sudden, you find yourself cleaning your desk, and then your entire office.  Next thing you know, a whole day has passed, and you haven’t even touched your project.

On one hand, you did accomplish a lot, and you did become more organized.  But you didn’t make any progress on your project.

The only way to combat this type of procrastination is to be mindful of what you are doing.  Focusing on being productive is not enough.  Specificity is key.  Rather than trying to be productive on a broad level, focus on completing your project only.

Put simply, if you aren’t working on your project… you aren’t working on your project.

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