Plan Your Vacations First

I was helping my client, Twyla, put together her training schedule for 2012. One of the things she complained about for the past few months is not being able to take a real vacation all year.

So I suggested to her that she plan her vacations first. She said, “What a brilliant idea!”

One of the things that entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers forget to include in their business plan is taking time off. If you don’t build vacations into your business model, then you’ve created an unrealistic business model.

Some people forget to set-up hours of operation, and, as such, end up working into the midnight hour, or, worse, have client work spill over into the weekend.

If you’re creating an estimate for a client, remember to take into account the hours you won’t be working, and the days you’ll be taking off. It ensures that you are providing a realistic estimate for your clients.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first year in business, or your 10th year; we all need to take time off. We all need to take care of ourselves.


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