Nobody Wants to Be a Billionaire

And, no, I’m not just being flippant.  Being a millionaire, a billionaire, a zillionaire, or the desire to have a mass amount of wealth is simply a means to something you actually want.  The money is not the end game.  We want what that money will give us:  home, cars, vacations, etc.

Ultimately, we all just want to be happy.  Ironically, you can have happiness without being a billionaire.

Allegedly, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t want a billion dollar valuation for Facebook just for the money. In fact, many of his colleagues allege that he doesn’t care about money at all.  Allegedly, Zuckerberg just wanted the notoriety of having a billion dollar valuation for Facebook.  The money was a means to an end; it wasn’t the end goal.

Zuckerberg is a billionaire… now what? He still goes into work every day. Why? Why not just retire?  Why didn’t Bill Gates just retire rather than start a foundation? Why didn’t Steve Jobs step down from Apple a long time ago? Is it possible that they just love what they do?

Assume you have a billion dollars… now what? What do want to do with all this money? Travel? Is that it? Why? Why do you want to travel? What will you do once you’ve visited all the countries you’ve wanted? Then what? What will you do with the other 999 million dollars?

Is being a billionaire bad?  Is it wrong to want to be a billionaire? Not at all. I’m just saying that your not being honest with yourself about what you really want if you’re saying that’s all you want, or that you want to be a billionaire for the sake of having a billion dollars.

Rather than focusing on how to become a billionaire, focus on what you really want to do, and how to get what you want.  Perhaps becoming a billionaire is the means toward that goal. Great.  But it’s just that, a means, not the goal.

How will you make a billions dollars, stay in integrity, AND still get what you want? Isn’t THAT truly having it all?

If you’re goal is to be happy… be happy. If you can’t be happy with less than a billion dollars… you’ll never be happy.

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