I stumbled upon a new word the other day completely by accident: multislacking.

It is the act of doing a lot of without getting anything done. Now, you might ask, “How can someone do a lot, but not get anything done?” My answer is, “We do it everyday.”

When we are “liking” funny photos on Facebook, catching up on our reality television shows, and racking up experience points on “Call of Duty,” we are multislacking.

Sometimes, multislacking often comes disguised as productivity (and I’ve already discussed the myth of multitasking). If you feel busy, but you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything, more than likely, you’re multislacking.

The more time we spend on multislacking, the less time we are spending on accomplishing our goals. Whether you’re writing a book, trying to lose weight, or building an Internet business empire, if you find yourself saying, “I’ll do it later,” you’ve already lost.

Here’s a good way to figure out whether or not your activity falls under the category of multislacking… Did you write that book yet? Have your reached your ideal BMI yet? Have you made a million dollars yet?

If you said, “no,” guess what? You’re multislacking.

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