Fear of Money and Wealth

One of my clients had a billing dispute with a service provider. The service provider said, “Oh, I don’t do it for the money.” Yet she charges for membership, and she’s an LLC, not a 401c.

Since when did it become passé to run a business for money? Since when did people become ashamed of being profitable?

I’ve actually had several clients who seem to be afraid to ask for the sale. They are almost ashamed to bill their clients for work.

I am not sure where or how this epidemic of plutophobia and chromotophobia got started. All I can say is that there is nothing wrong with knowing your worth and charging appropriately for it.

If you keep saying you are afraid of money, money will stop coming. The kind of people who say they don’t care about money, are typically mismanage their money.

I am all for social entrepreneurship, and I think working with charities and non-profits make good business sense. To be sustainable, however, even non-profits have to make money. That’s right, even non-profits care about money.

It’s one thing to say that you created your business for the greater good. It’s another thing to say you don’t care about money. If you have bills to pay, if you need to eat, if you need to pay for a place to live, guess what? You care about money.

If you give all your services and products away for free, and you are not seeking any investors, then maybe you’re really not in it for the money.

Otherwise, just get over it. You’re in it for the money. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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