4 Reasons Establishing Relationships More Important Than Establishing Sales

I ran into my old pal Brian again.  And, again, he started pitching his weight loss supplements.  And, again, he did not succeed.  I diplomatically explained to Brian that I wasn’t really in the market for a supplement right now.

The very next day, Brian sent me an email via Facebook about how he and his wife use the supplements on a daily basis to maintain their weight.  Well, at least he finally believes in the product he’s selling.

The supplements, by the way cost almost $30 per bottle of 30 pills.  He wanted to sell me a four pack at a discount.

This time I explained to him that I am trying to save up for a vacation (which is true), and that I really need to watch my budget more than my weight.

So his response was, “You could have just said, ‘no’. You didn’t have to make up some story.”

Funny, I thought I kinda did say “no.”  Three times actually.

I had to un-friend him.

Brian’s main mistake was that his only interest in me was establishing a sale rather than establishing a relationship.

There are four main reasons why it is more important to establish relationships with your clients than establishing sales:

  1. Easier to Establish Trust:  Establishing trust is one of the most important steps in making a sale.  A client will have a much easier time trusting someone who has a genuine interest in their lives compared to someone who is only interested in their money.
  2. Good Branding:  If you have a genuine interest in your clients, they will have a genuine interest in you.  You’ve branded yourself as a friend, or a trusted colleague.  If, however, all you do is pitch, pitch, pitch, you’ve just branded yourself as “that guy that does nothing but pitch, pitch, pitch.”  Who really wants to hang around THAT guy?
  3. More Referrals:  If you establish a good relationship with a prospect, they are more likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues than if you did not establish a good relationship, even if you never sold anything to the prospect.
  4. Long-term Sales Opportunities:  The better your relationship with your customer, the more often you’ll meet or communicate with them. More meetings can conversations lead to more sales opportunities, even if you don’t pitch.

Making a sale is important, of course.  Making that sale will be a lot easier if you establish a relationship first, and you’re likely to make more sales in the long run.

Now, I’m not saying that I would have bought the supplements from Brian if he established a better relationship with me first.  But I would have at least been willing to give him a referral if I happen to know someone looking for a weight loss supplement.

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