Endless Impossibilities Before Breakfast

One of my favorite television shows right now is “Fringe (FOX). I love the exploration of what is possible and what is impossible. The show’s tagline, “Endless Impossibilities,” reminds me of the quote from the Lewis Carroll classic, “Through the Looking Glass,” where the Queen says to Alice, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” The sheer idea of stretching your brain to dream the impossible every morning just tickles me.

Whenever taking on a creative or entrepreneurial endeavor, it is important to rethink and redefine what is possible and impossible. Possibilities are the DNA of practicality. Impossibilities are the DNA of creativity. What makes artists and entrepreneurs different from non-creatives is that they have the ability to turn impossibilities into possibilities. They can turn dreams into reality. Don’t limit yourself with possibilities. Pursue endless impossibilities instead.

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