Emotional Bankruptcy Leads to Financial Bankruptcy

Success is not about having a cool logo, or a $1000 mesh chair, or a rare sports car. Success is not about owning a building, or which neighborhood you live in. It’s not even about running your own business. Success has very little to do with these exterior, inorganic ingredients. These are just symbols of financial wealth. Happiness, self-confidence, healthy relationships, a sense of purpose, and taking right action are the organic ingredients to your emotional wealth.

Success is like an organism, and it requires an ecosystem of emotional wealth in order to breathe, live, and thrive. When you think of success this way, telling yourself that you’re a failure, or making your sense of success dependent on exterior things is tantamount to emotional bankruptcy. Emotional bankruptcy is just as devastating as financial bankruptcy, possibly even more so. One could even say emotional bankruptcy is what leads to financial bankruptcy. It stands to reason, then, that emotional wealth leads to financial wealth, and not the other way around. Research is actually starting to show that being happy, and feeling successful makes it more likely for us to reach financial goals.

Being successful just means you believe you are a successful person. You should feel successful regardless of what you own, what your status is, or what you do for a living. Instead of reaching out there for some exterior symbol of success, reach deep within yourself for signs of success. Find your happiness. Find your self-confidence. Find your sense of purpose. Maintain your ecosystem of success by filling yourself with emotional wealth, and the financial wealth will follow.

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