Educate Your Customers

My favorite customer service phrase is, “It works best if…”

It’s a more positive alternative to saying, “You can’t…” or worse, “We can’t…”

Sometimes a client will make a request of you that goes completely against your way of doing business.  In almost all cases, it’s probably because the customer doesn’t know what they really want, or don’t know what they are doing, or both.

I find that it works best if I educate the client on how I normally conduct business, and layout the entire process from beginning to finish.  I explain to them why those processes are in place, and how it will benefit them in fulfilling their needs.

In most cases, the client is relieved that a process is already in place and will drop their proposal to go with mine.

In rare cases, a client might refuse to concede, and stubbornly want to do things their way.  In which case, I have no trouble turning them down.  Such a client can only lead to trouble.  Admit it, we’ve all been there.

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