Don’t Build a Business Around Hate

Some entrepreneurs will build a business around something they hate.  They hate chopping onions, so they invent an automatic onion-chopping device.  They hate walking, so they invent a machine that walks for them.  They hate waiting 24 hours for a book to be delivered, so they build a dotcom that uses bicycle messengers to deliver books within the hour.  Some of these companies have succeeded, and some of them have failed.

The companies that last, however, are the one’s that are built from love.  The love of sharing photos.  The love of organic ingredients.  The love of great design.  These are the companies that endure.

These companies also typically have a love for customer service. Rather than treating customer complaints as nuisances, they see them as opportunities to wow a customer.

It’s a lot easier to get a long term following of things people love than people hate.  Even if you did invent a chopping device to make onions easier, people still have to love the device.

If you want to try your hand at entrepreneurship, just ask yourself, “What do I really love?”

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