Discovering Creativity in the Little Things

One day, I was cooking, and it dawned on me that cooking is a form of creative art.  Every person has a different pallet, therefore favors different flavor profiles.  Each person even has a unique way of plating a dish, whether they are stacking the food neatly, or just plopping all the ingredients onto the plate.  Every chef, good or bad, is expressing something with every dish they cook or burn.  Every chef is an artist.

I started thinking about all the other ways I uniquely express myself, like how I pick out my clothes (fashion), how I clean (décor), or even how I groom myself (esthetics).  Every action we take is an expression of an intention.  Sometimes we express it well, and sometimes we end up with a fashion disaster, a cluttered home, or bed hair.  In other words, we are being creative all the time, and our life is our canvas.

I realized that there is no such thing as a creative type or a non-creative type.  All human beings are hardwired to express themselves.  We each find our own creative way to express ourselves.  That is what makes each of us unique.  To say you are not a creative person is to say are not a human being.

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