Defining Web Presence for Clients

I recently met with a design client about building their brand online. The first question I asked them was, “What’s your current web presence.”

Their answer, “Well, we have a website.”


“That’s it?” I asked.


No Facebook Fan Page, no blog, no Twitter handle, not even a Skype account. Just a website. Their website by itself just had basic contact information and some bio information. Nothing else. Not even a portfolio of their work. They had basic contact info, but no call to action.  It was basically an information billboard. Nothing interactive. Nothing engaging.

I can see now why they needed help building their presence online: they didn’t have a presence online.

On a side note: considering this was a design firm, this project also confirmed my belief that there are still plenty of businesses out there that haven’t figured out the whole social media marketing game. That should tell all you web designers, copybloggers, and social media buzzards out there something about the market… there’s gold in them there hills.

I explained to my clients that having a web presence is not just about having a vanity email and a basic informational website. They not only have to engage their prospects and clients, they need to build and engage an audience as well. They need to be accessible over the web, and not just in their office or their phone.


Because that’s what their competition is doing. Their competition is copyblogging, connecting, tweeting, tumbling, linking, and “liking” things left and right (errrr… up and down). Their competition isn’t just sitting there hoping someone sees their website. Their competition is having actual conversations and engaging their audience.

Granted, the clients were kind of old school. They were more of a hand-shake-in-the-conference-room kind of bunch. Now they just need to learn how to do that digitally.


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