Custom Gift-wrapping Paper

I was walking by a local paper making shop the other day, and I saw a sign for a workshop where you could learn to make your own paper.  For whatever reason, I had a flashback of an episode of “Project Runway” where the designers teamed up with HP® to create their own textiles.  I thought, “Why couldn’t a boutique paper shop like this set up one of those giant printers and a touch screen kiosk so customers could just design their own gift-wrapping paper?”  Even if your gift-wrapping technique looks like a gorilla put it together, the paper itself would show you put a lot of thought into it.

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  • You can do that online- make Personalized wrapping paper <—-here

    • Thanks, Chris. I find that most ideas haven’t already been thought of, and I knew that online gift-wrapping would be out there somewhere. I found a few more sites that offer that service on top of the one you provided. I also found several companies that produce personalized gift cards.

      I do wish, however, that these services existed on both a national AND localized level. It would be nice if my money went to a locally owned boutique paper store instead of only to an ominous online store that exists in some faraway state… possibly even in India. I understand that people who work at national companies (an in India) need to make money, too. But still, I’m all for supporting local businesses first.

      I’ll have to check out or next time I need some gift wrap paper. I should also tell a few of my photography clients about it. Could be a good way to send out their promo packets.

      Thanks again for the comment 🙂