Corporate Creatives

I have never had a job where I felt I didn’t get to exercise some level of creativity.  Admittedly, most of the jobs I’ve had were in the creative field.  In my early employment days, however, most of my jobs were very corporate.  But even when I did basic data entry, I got to use a little creativity in terms of how the data was collected, processed, and ultimately presented.  I always made it a challenge to make improvements in whatever jobs I had.  Problem solving was how I exercised my creativity.

The idea that having a corporate job sucks out your creativity is a misnomer.  I cannot think of a single job where creativity or problem solving is not used.  If you are sitting at your cubicle thinking that you don’t get to use any creative muscle at your corporate job, I have to wonder how it is you even have a job at all?

No two people ever perform the same job the same way.  If they did, there wouldn’t be any such thing as managers and directors.  These people got promoted because they did their job better; they were creative.

If a human has to do a job, it’s because a robot can’t.  Robots can’t be creative.  You are not a robot.  You are a human being, and human beings are born to be creative.  If you can’t find the creativity in your corporate job, I would bet that you either don’t value creativity, or you don’t recognize your own creativity.

Corporate jobs are not the problem.  Your perception of corporate jobs is the problem.  If you’re a creative person, then you should be able to see creativity everywhere… even in a cubicle.

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